Commercial photography in The Netherlands

Commercial photography in The Netherlands, that’s where expert Jeroen Bouman comes into view. He’s an advertising photographer who hass shot add campaigns for Manpower Int., TNT, Novo Nordisk and Holland’s leading telecom provider KPN. On location, anywhere in Holland, or in a photo studio in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague. Have a look at the portfolios above, they speak for themselves.

“Successful commercial photography starts with a creative, balanced concept which I develop in close cooperation with my client and the advertising agency’s art director. Don’t be surprised if that process takes up more time than the actual photo shoot! It’s an inseparable part of advertising photography.”

But a commercial photographer not only needs to be creative, he must also be able to plan ahead and organize. A script must to be set up, models selected, makeup artists and stylists booked, props arranged, locations viewed, and photo equipment rented. And during that process a close eye has to be kept on the total costs. Budgets for advertising photography no longer reach sky high.

“When everything has been arranged, it’s time for the real work: you can start shooting! After all the organizational stress it often amounts to a creative discharge. It’s that combination of creativity and organization, and the build up to a climax that makes commercial photography so versatile and exciting.”

Advertising photographer Jeroen Bouman can draw from a vast network of specialists that can organize and execute any photo shoot in detail. From locations scouts in Amsterdam to makeup artists in The Hague, and from dress and interior stylists in Rotterdam to model agencies anywhere in The Netherlands. For large(r) photo productions, an experienced production assistant can provide the necessary coordination. And in the final stage professional photoshop experts can add the creaming on the cake to add an extra dimension to any image.

Jeroen Bouman is at his best when he can shoot people. They may be professional models, but Jeroen works just as easily with ‘real life’ people, also when it comes to advertising photography.

“A client once remarked that I can make photo models look more like ordinary people and real persons almost as models. I still regard that as a great compliment.”