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    Advertising photography The Hague

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Advertisements: photography for adds

A portfolio with assorted work in the category ‘commercial photography for advertising purposes. Included are photography for adds in magazines and on internet, photos for indoor & outdoor advertisement campaigns on billboards, and photography for recruitment advertising in media and career fairs.

“Budgets for add photography are always higher than for editorial work. That gives you more room during the shoot and the preliminary phase. More time can be spent on creative ideas and consulting with art directors and the client. Also, it allows for better logistical preparations for the shoot. It all adds to a personal identity.

“Every photo in this series was exclusively tailored to the specific demands and targets of the client. Within those boundaries, I still find an immense amount of creative freedom as a photographer. It results in a very diverse portfolio with photos which give adds a powerful message. It just shows how wide and diversified advertisement photography really is.”

With his add photography, Jeroen Bouman provides his services to major advertising agencies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Agencies outside the Netherlands know where to find him increasingly.

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