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Branding photography – B2B

Eddon is a young IT company that develops add-ons for Exact business software. They were looking for a clear visual language and turned to commercial photographer Jeroen Bouman. This form of branding photography was right up his street.

“Eddon wanted to visualize abstract themes like Shopping Cart, Connectivity, File Management, Building Blocks and Helpdesk. Focussing on solutions for these themes would quickly result in standard, happy stock-like images. Instead we decided to approach from a totally different angle and depict the associated problems.”

With a single expressive model in his photo studio Jeroen Bouman created a visual identity that provides a distinctive recognizability which truly stands out from Eddons competitors. Branding photography that exudes simplicity and effectiveness, and for a relatively very modest budget.

Eddon used the photos for product packaging, their website and other commercial purposes.

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