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Corporate identity photography for Manpower

Jeroen Bouman shows how portrait and commercial photography fuse effortlessly in the studio with corporate identity photography for Manpower Int.

“Yes, this is commercial photography. It’s also corporate photography, and you can even call it portrait photography. Does it matter? Corporate identity photography requires a liberal mind. Boundaries do not exist in my world.”

“Expression, that’s what matters, especially in a photo studio. In such a setting, professional models can quickly appear too perfect, artificial even. I select my models on character and personality, because that’s want I want to catch in my photos. It keeps my photographs real and natural.”

For this shoot Jeroen Bouman booked two makeup artists, a stylist, a digital assistant and a catering team of two. Together with the art directors and the client, the team consisted of no less than 10 professionals.

“My own photo studio (1,600 ft2) was too small for so many people – remember there were lots of models, too. So we booked a rental photo studio in Amsterdam. That was an eye opener, I terminated the lease of my own studio soon after this shoot. Not only is it much more cost efficient to rent, it’s also more practical. There are rental studios for every occasion and in any size, and in the close vicinity of my clients.”

Whether you want to shoot in a photo studio in The Hague, Rotterdam or Amsterdam, anything is possible. Anywhere. Jeroen Bouman can also book rental studios in Utrecht, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Eindhoven or Antwerp, to name but a few.

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