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The management, portrait photography for an annual report

Luxury department store ‘de Bijenkorf’ needed new management portraits for their upcoming annual report. They hired portrait photographer Jeroen Bouman to do the job.

At the first meeting it quickly became clear that the communications department would really like to see the management portrayed in three different settings, so that they’d have some variation for the photo archive. Would that be possible with the limited time the management could spare for a photo shoot? Jeroen Bouman had the perfect solution.

“We scouted locations at the head office of de Bijenkorf and selected the three most photogenic settings. At the day of the shoot, I arrived 3 hours ahead of the first scheduled portrait. I needed that time to prepare all three settings, putting up lights, rearranging background props and marking camera angles & settings. And of course I shot tests with a stand in ‘model’, to be absolutely sure that everything was perfect.”

“Prepared like this, I needed only 15 minutes per person per setting. A mere 45 minutes resulted in management portraits in 3 different settings, with extra variation per setting in expression and landscape & portrait orientation. More than enough variation for the annual report and supplement the photo archive. That’s what I call efficiency.”

Mission accomplished for both de Bijenkorf and Jeroen Bouman.

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