• Corporate photography brochure

    Corporate photography for a brochure

  • Photography corporate brochure

    Photography for a corporate brochure

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    Photography for a B2B brochure

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    Rotterdam, corporate photography

  • Corporate brochure photography

    Corporate brochure photography

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    Corporate photography directory

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Photography for corporate brochures

Photography for corporate brochures is usually purely illustrative. The photos get a meaning only when placed in a layout. That’s why corporate photographer Jeroen Bouman shows the images in this portfolio as so called tear sheets.

“Layout and photography form a unity and can greatly enhance each other when everything falls into place. Since digital photography, that has become a lot easier than ever. With the camera tethered to a computer, a PDF of the layout can be used as an overlay. You can immediately see if everything fits. But communication between photographer, art director and client remains indispensable when shooting for a corporate brochure, even in the digital era.”

Jeroen Bouman has shot corporate brochures, leaflets and other forms of corporate communications for major clients in The Netherlands and abroad.

“A corporate brochure -and print in general- may seem outdated in the digital age, but it’s still a very effective way to promote your products or services. Your client gets something tangible, something he can hold in his hands. He can review it at time and place when he can give it his full attention. A well thought out corporate brochure, complete with professional photography usually does’t come cheap. But very often it’s absolutely worth the investment.”

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