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Core values landscape photography

Energy network supplier Continuon is a daughter company of Nuon. They hired Jeroen Bouman for landscape photography to strengthen the corporate identity of the company. He translated their core values into images.

The client and art director had some very specific demands about both the locations and the photos. After all, it was about their core values. Photographer Jeroen Bouman sought the story behind it, and the corresponding views that would underline the corporate identity of the company.

It resulted in a series of typical Dutch landscapes, 21st. century style. Of course you’ll find a cow in a field with a classic windmill, but present day Holland also consists of suburbs, highways and business parks.

“For this series I often reshot the same landscape over and over again, until all the circumstances fell in place. The weather in The Netherlands does not always cooperate. Landscape photography requires the light to be perfect. The right light can really shape a landscape photograph into a little work of art.”

“I usually prefer people in front of my camera, but I loved getting muddy feet for this assignment. I had never imagined that landscape photography could be classed under corporate photography. It just proves how versified corporate photography really is, especially when corporate identities come into focus, or when it’s about core values photography.

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