• Photography: internal training facilities

    Photography: internal training facilities

  • Staged photography meeting

    Staged photography: a meeting

  • Photography work floor in pictures

    Photography: the work floor in pictures

  • Photography work consultation

    Photograph of a work consultation

  • Canteen with employees - a photo reportage

    Canteen with employees - a photo reportage

  • Corporate photoshoot office

    Corporate photoshoot at an office

  • Relaxation facilities at the office

    Relaxation facilities at the office

  • Work processes

    Work processes

  • Photography corporate restaurant

    Photography corporate restaurant

  • Cooperation: colleagues at the work floor

    Cooperation: colleagues at the work floor

The office, a photo shoot of the work floor

Documenting the work floor, that’s something you can leave to photographer Jeroen Bouman with peace of mind. He focuses on the human aspects, on collaboration, and captures your employees in bright, clear corporate photography with depth and perspective.

Teleperformance is one of the world’s largest players in call center services. They are constantly on the lookout for new colleagues, and so staff recruitment has a very prominent place on the website.

In order to give Candidate Applicants a good idea of ​​the working conditions at Teleperformance, the head office in Brazil thought it was high time to have good and attractive photographs of the work floor. In the Netherlands they selected corporate photographer Jeroen Bouman.

“It was not an easy assignment, simply because no matter how modern and light it is, an office is just not a very sexy subject. Perhaps not surprising, because offices are designed with functionality in mind and are geared to efficiency. Desks and screens dominate the workplace, but ultimately it is about people. Cooperation, collegiality, I prefer to focus on those aspects.”

In consultation with the head office, a concise scenario was prepared with the most important subjects. The work processes themselves, a work consultation, a meeting. But facilities such as internal training opportunities, relaxation on the work floor and a cozy company restaurant with broad offerings had to be included in this corporate reportage.

“I wanted to create a -staged and fully-organized- photo essay that would emphasize a light and fresh atmosphere, so I fully lit each scene. The cool shades of the image editing enhance the freshness even more. And by consciously opting for an out-of-focus foreground and background, a spatial effect is created with a very natural focus on the employees.”