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Website banners: photography for internet

For any company that takes itself seriously, a presence on the internet is an absolute must. And a professional website demands appealing photography, for the banner or image slider.

Your corporate website is an important showpiece of your organization. Within seconds, visitors form an opinion about your site and thus about your company. You only have those precious few seconds to make a good first impression, or your visitor will be gone. Usually for ever.

Hagemeyer Group, a medium-sized company in the cleaning industry, called upon photographer Jeroen Bouman to carry out the photography for their new corporate website. The photos in the website banners had to reflect the textual content of the page as a whole.

“We made an extensive shoot list together. That allowed us to work efficiently and not forget any shot. During the shoot, I could apply the elongated image crop for the image banner on my Macbook, exactly to the pixel for each picture. If you want to find out how that works in detail, you should definitely read the page ‘Method‘.

Jeroen Bouman was thus able to deliver all photos in the exact ratio and dimensions required for this website. And he kept the file size as small as possible without sacrificing image quality. A website that loads faster, will not only be appreciated by your visitors, but Google and other search engines will also rank you higher in their search results. Just have a look at this very website.

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