Portrait photography in The Netherlands

If you’re looking for portrait photography in The Netherlands, you may have come to just the right address. Jeroen Bouman is a specialized portrait photographer who resides in The Hague but shoots all over Holland and does portrait photography in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Utrecht and beyond.

Both editorial and corporate portrait photography, for your magazines, annual reports, etcetera. You name it, Jeroen does it, and with terrific verve and fluency for national clients like ING, Port of Rotterdam, BP and international clients like Canon, Forbes Magazine, The Financial Times and Mercedes-Benz.

Portrait photography is about revealing character and expression in a people. A good portrait photographer must be able to establish contact with the person in front of the camera, and must possess empathy in others. Jeroen Bouman possesses these skills, they’ve made him into the valued portrait photographer that he is.

“Every portrait is a new challenge. By opening up myself, people quickly feel comfortable around me and show their true self in return. That definitely results in better portraits. I will never claim that I reveal people’s soul in my photos, but if I catch something of their character I’m a happy photographer. Even if it’s just a tiny fraction.”

“Thats why you’ll often see me using a tripod. It allows me to control the composition very precisely and then focus all my attention on the subject. I can stand beside the camera instead of hiding behind it. This automatically creates more space for bidirectional communication. And communication is so essential in portrait photography. Many colleagues seem to forget that, strangely.”

Jeroen prefers to shoot people in their natural surroundings, but a portable studio on location is also possible. His editorial and corporate portraits are published in magazines (corporate and public), brochures, annual reports and so on.

“I consequently use lights when shooting portraits, even outdoors in bright sunlight. It may be a bit of a hassle carrying all the extra equipment and setting it up, but it allows me to fully control the expressiveness of my portraits.”