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Corporate portrait photography

A fresh view on corporate portrait photography. Major companies and organizations in The Netherlands like to work with photographer Jeroen Bouman. When it comes to corporate portrait photography, he finds the perfect balance between personality and professionalism.

Portrait photographer Jeroen Bouman has shot countless prominent people in Holland. From captains of industry to politicians and CEO’s of multinationals. His portraits are broadly used in corporate magazines, brochures, annual reports and on corporate websites.

“I always make sure to arrive well in advance of a shoot. It allows me to carefully scout for the best location and to set up my equipment. Together with my assistent or intern, I adjust background elements where necessary and test if the light is just how I want it. Like this, I need only a very limited amount of time from the management for a corporate portrait. They really appreciate that with their tight schedules.”

From experience, Jeroen Bouman knows that in corporate portrait photography it doesn’t hurt to have your own opinion and to be able to express it, too.

“The Board of Directors can be rather headstrong about how and where they want to be photographed. It’s my job to convince them that a different setting or pose will work better. And when their minds wander off to the next meeting, I keep them alert and present. Only then can I strike the right balance between personality and professionalism in my corporate portrait photography.”

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