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    Portrait photography Schiphol airport

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    Portrait photos for trade magazines

Magazines: editorial portrait photography to enhance your articles

The goal with editorial portrait photography is to fortify your article. A powerful portrait which tells a story of its own, definitely adds value to your magazine.

In his editorial portrait photography Jeroen Bouman plays with background elements to enliven the image. You could easily say that he’s specialized in ‘portraits on location’, relying on his improvisational talent to turn any given situation to his advantage.

“People react so differently to the camera, and I never know what the location will look like. But I’m at my best when it comes to improvisation, even under the pressure of time. Sometimes a mere 10-15 minutes is all I get. But when I have to make do with what I’ve got, I’m at my best.”

The editorial portraits that Jeroen Bouman shoots, find their way to a broad range of magazines in The Netherlands and abroad.

“Some editorials have a very strict format, others adjusts the format to each individual article and the photos they receive. But either way, it’s always great to receive a telephone call for a new editorial portrait. And a month or so later, when the magazine lands on your doormat, it’s very exciting to browse the magazine looking for the portraits I shot. So I hop into my car for an editorial portrait with pleasure time and time again. Even if you send me to the world end.”

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