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Glamour photography, portraits for glossies

Photographer Jeroen Bouman regularly shoots ‘real life’ portraits with a touch of glitter & glamour for glossy magazines. “The challenge with glamour photography is to bring out the best in people. Makeup and styling make for a complete makeover and form a very important part of the photoshoots. Anyone can look like a model.”

“For each shoot I meticulously select a location. The setting plays a crucial role in glamour photography, it must all look a bit hip and trendy.”

“I usually work with the camera tethered to a laptop. On the bigger screen it’s much easier to see the details, like light and shadow, exposure, and focus. The makeup artist can check for shiny skin, the stylist if clothes are looking good. No more nasty surprises afterwards, and no need to do extensive photoshopping if you get it all right during the shoot.”

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