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Testimonials & interviews: portrait photography for magazines

Catching portrait photography seduces your audience to read your article or testimonial. Portrait photographer Jeroen Bouman gives your magazine a face of its own.

“Could you imagine a testimonial or interview without portrait photography? Of course not, without a portrait your magazine would be rather boring. But a really powerful portrait goes further, it enhances your article and defines your magazine. It is that simple, people get triggered visually.”

Such a portrait requires close attention. Portrait photographer Jeroen Bouman plays with lighting and backgrounds, but never looses out of sight that the world turns around the person in front of his camera, and he gives them his full attention.

“It’s a matter of respect for that Person. It doesn’t matter if that’s a state secretary, a CEO or a garbage collector, they all get the same level of attention from me. It’s my key to their combat camera fear, and believe me, most people have some sort of camera fear. That’s why I always try to get them involved in the entire process. For example by reviewing the results on the laptop screen together. It’s great to see them take a 180 degree turn and say with surprise ‘Wow, that looks cool!’. That’s my goal.”

This personal approach that Jeroen Bouman practices results in portraits that are not just highly creative but also highly expressive. His portrait photography gets published with interviews and testimonials in magazines around the world.

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