• Portable photo studio portrait photo

    Portable photo studio for portrait photos

  • Portraits photo studio on location

    Portraits in the photo studio on location

  • Portrait photography mobile photo studio

    Portrait photography, mobile photo studio

  • Portrait photos portable photo studio

    Portrait photos, portable photo studio

  • Portraits seamless background location

    Portraits on seamless background on location

A portable photo studio on location

Jeroen Bouman can construct a full fledged photo studio on nearly any location, complete with lights and seamless backgrounds. This portable photo studio can be a perfect solution when traveling to a studio is too cumbersome.

“There are occasions where you’d like to shoot in a photo studio, but how do you organize such a project? It’s too impractical and inefficient to send all your employees to a photo studio, just the planning would already be a nightmare.”

A mobile photo studio on location can then be a very good alternative. Your employees do not have to waste their precious time, Jeroen Bouman does the traveling.

“I can transform any room into a full fledged photo studio in 30-40 minutes, complete with flash lights and seamless paper backgrounds in any colour of the rainbow.”

For head shots, a room of 3×4 m. (12×16 ft.) is already sufficient. Full body shots require a little more room, 5×7 m. (20×25 ft.) is the minimum in that case. It’s quite important that the room is somewhat colour neutral. A bright red floor for example could produce nasty colour casts -especially on skin tones- that can be very hard to remove, even in Photoshop. If the room can be darkened, that’s a plus but it’s not mandatory.

“If needed I will blind the windows myself and unscrew fluorescent tubes to eliminate all available light. But don’t worry, I’ll leave your office behind just like I found it. You’ll never have to clean the my mess I made.”

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