Reportage photography with a story to tell

“Reportage photography must capture the atmosphere of the moment and tell it’s own story through frozen slices of time. The photographer has to observe constantly and respond alertly. He should actually be able to anticipate situations before they even happen.”

“A reportage photographer can therefore never be truly objective. His photos are the subjective interpretation of one person, the photographer. The viewer has to decide if he wants to immerse in the story the photographer wants to tell.”

Jeroen Bouman started his career as in reportage photography with a sociopolitical interest in human issues. He was connected to photoagency Sipa Press in Paris as a freelance photojournalist and has travelled and documented a large part of the world. His interest in people has remained unchanged, although nowadays Jeroen specializes mainly in portraits, corporate and commercial photography. But when an interesting photo reportage comes along -commissioned or as personal work- he usually finds it impossible to resist.

“It can be a great relief to leave the safe surroundings of The Hague for unknown places and new faces. Whether far abroad or closer to home in Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam, a reportage photographer finds an interesting story around every corner.”